Our Story

Passing on the Vision of the
Benevolent Aesthete

Lo Chi Ching is the founder of Tung Nam Lou and his vision has always been to encourage art as the medium to strengthen interactions among people. As an entrepreneur from Puning, he came to Hong Kong in the 1930s to build his culinary business and set up Tung Nam Seafood Restaurant in the year of 1950. Improving public and social welfare, education and promoting art were his visionary goals but he also offered help to his hometown, Puning. To fully embrace Lo’s vision, Tung Nam Seafood Restaurant has been given a new life in the form of Tung Nam Lou — a place where art and cultural interactions are not limited by any restrictions, strengthening people’s bonds.

Tung Nam Seafood Restaurant

Tung Nam Seafood Restaurant was established by founder Mr. Chi Ching Lo which served Cantonese cuisine at 68 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei.


Puning Overseas Chinese Middle School

Puning Overseas Chinese Middle School - Mr. Lo continued to work towards his goals of improving public and social welfare through education by funding the construction of the Puning Overseas Chinese Middle School.


Mulin Road

Mulin Road - Mr. Lo treated his neighbours as they were his own family. The construction of Mulin Road, meaning “neighbours living in harmony” was funded by Mr. Lo to improve accessibility for the locals. Mulin Road now serves as the main road that leads to Liusha Town between Mazha Village and Sizhupa Village.


Tung Nam Lou Commercial Centre

Tung Nam Lou Commercial Centre - Tung Nam Seafood Restaurant was repurposed to a 23 storey office building, Tung Nam Lou Commercial Centre.


Puning Culture & Art Museum

Puning Culture & Art Museum - As a continuation of effort to support Mr. Lo’s home town Puning, the construction of Puning Culture and Art Museum completed and was fully supported by the Lo’s family.


Not Just a Hotel

The Tung Nam Lou building has been revitalised into a hotel and co-working space, bringing forward Lo family’s vision to uplift human connection through art and culture among the society.


Encounter, Interaction, Inspiration

Our logo represents the stories behind the birth of this place. The logo is an embodiment of a sense of harmony, the heartwarming neighbourhood spirit, and most importantly, the inheritance of Mr. Lo’s benevolence.

Back in the 1950’s, a fish icon was used in Tung Nam Lau Seafood Restaurant’s logo. Today, Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel gives tribute to the history of Tung Nam Lou and reintroduces the “fish” concept into the new logo design – doubling the fish up to further convey Mr. Lo’s community spirit. In Cantonese, the pronunciation of “two fishes” resembles the enunciation of “encountering”. The whole concept of the logo design is to express the idea of living in harmony. The use of black and red colour of each fish represent the yin and yang, with the arrangement that the fish swim in a round shape that connotes harmony and circle of life, an act of giving back and also appreciating the timelessness of art and culture.

Thoughtful Design

All our bedrooms, public spaces and restaurants are designed to feel homey, cozy and welcoming. Our rooms are boutique and exquisite that take inspiration from the Hong Kong neighbourhoods to let you have a glimpse of living a HK-lifestyle.

Cultural Partnerships

We are local and we want you to be a local tool. We partner with various communities, institutions, and art individuals to offer a special experience. From the artwork in our lobbies, to the wallpaper and furnishings in our bedrooms, the uniforms our team wear, and the events programme we curate, we strive to be an authentic reflection of our neighbourhoods, whilst supporting the communities that live and breathe around us.

Our Neighbourhood

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei embodies all the hustle and bustle, historical landmarks, creative energy, dynamic nightlife, great independent boutiques, shops and street food. Whether you want to indulge in local delicacies, have a midnight fruit shopping tour, shop from a traditional jade shop, join a fortune telling session, Yau Ma Tei has it all.

Tung Nam Lou Presents to You

Place to escape

We deem ourselves the urban resort for you to slow down, heal and rethink.

Mission to conserve

We are keen to preserve the vibrant heritage culture in Yau Ma Tei.

Space to connect

We love being local. We create this hub to make strong bonds with the community.

Art to appreciate

We are artsy. We make art available to all and spread the joy of art appreciation.

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