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Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel serves as a boutique hotel in Hong Kong, built to connect guests from all walks of life through local art and history. This property has been run by the Lo’s family for over 70 years. Three generations later, the entire Lo’s family is determined to continue its impact on celebrating human unity and culture.  We welcome you to stay with us for a memorable experience in an award-winning hotel.

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Rest well in our 52 rooms with various themes such as design, music, reading. Your comfortable stay is also instilled with tea art and environmental friendly elements to inspire and bring peace to the body and mind.

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Art is limitless and not bounded by any form. The essence of art is the connection among the people and the emotional exchange which makes it an essential element of culture and community. Tung Nam Lou believes that everyone has the right to create and appreciate art, and thus working with Art Tells Community (non profit company) and introducing an art and cultural platform that bridges communications among artists, public, and other sectors. We are keen to make “Art Available to All” and hope every visit in Tung Nam Lou would allow you a novel experience each time.

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Stroll around the artistic corners of the hotel, through your computer, phone or VR headsets at your comfort.

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Our Neighbourhood

In the heart of Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei serves both the energetic and nostalgic hearts. There are 101 (or more) spots around Yau Ma Tei for you to stroll around this wonderful community.

Yes, 101 spots sounds a LOT, but that’s what makes this place amazing, find your own kind of route and pick among the themes of Community Landmarks, Untold Stories, Instafood, Local Gems, and Photogenic Spots. Artists are also actively involved in these spots for you to rediscover this place with another lens!

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